Helping You

We can help you in four ways –

Market Analysis

We can tell what has happened – what’s really going on now – and what is likely to happen in the future.

We like to supply a range of outlook scenarios, not just one, as a future outlook is dependent on the assumptions made.

Our work here can apply not only to a geographic area, but also to a specific property or product type.

We like to meet and get to know you, provide a quote and project terms, undertake our work, report back in draft and final forms, and present our findings to you and, where relevant, to your audience as well.  We are in it for the long haul.

Please contact us for more information, to set up a meeting and/or arrange for a quote.

Project Advice

Let’s face it – property development is a risky business.

Most of the risk is sales risk.

Our aim is to help de-risk your residential project.

We have a good understanding of what the market wants and where it wants it.  This insight can significantly increase the sale-ability of your project.

We will author a short factual report.  Importantly, we will meet with you several times to workshop ideas and help you implement our recommendations.  Again, we are in it for the long haul.

Contact us for more information; a consultation or a free quote.

Project Support

Our project support can help you to sell your property or project faster.

This support service provides you with a report and video that will be:

  • Informative and independent
  • Focused on the key messages and unique attributes of your project
  • Tailored to cover the positives of your area
  • Targeted to your buyer market

Our easily digested short reports and videos will increase your buyer interest; improve your enquiry and help you make more sales.

Please contact us for a sample report, video and a quote.

Presentations and Workshops

No death by PowerPoint.

Just me, some big chunky white board pens, heaps of knowledge and a straight-talking delivery style.

Nobody plays with their phone (well, not many) and most take notes, usually heaps of them.  No one, as yet, has fallen asleep.  A few have gotten close, but by the look of them, they would have slept through an orgy.

We also supply a co-branded handout including the pertinent stuff with handpicked key charts/tables.  It’s a win-win.

Please contact us so I can entertain your next property gathering.

 Analysis: has your project got the best market match? 

we can help!