How We Work

We spend a lot of time thinking through the physical merits of the dwelling or project. Housing is someone’s home. Understanding of the occupant’s needs and wants is paramount to better outcomes.

We also try to take the longer view. We are interested in what’s likely to be taking place in, say, ten years, not just today or even over the current phase of the property cycle.

So all of our work starts with the project or property in mind. We have a proven framework for understanding the interaction of the key ingredients that impact the property market. We cover the necessary bases.

We question almost everything, especially the published property-related information. More often than not, we start from the original data sources. We like to challenge most common real estate assertions.

Also, nothing beats having a look. This is why we limit ourselves to a select few geographic areas. We also want to meet with our clients and often, more than once.

We also only work on two or three jobs at any one time. This gives us time to think and space to work, which provides our clients with the very best that we can do…

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