Long Reads

Welcome to the Matusik Long Reads.

These are my thoughts on a variety of pertinent housing-related topics.

Most Matusik Long Reads will take you about half an hour to fully digest and all are supported by relevant charts, tables and other graphics.

But I try to ‘escape the data’.  What I mean by this is tell a story, in a simple way and explain to you with connection.  Einstein apparently said “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”.  That resonates with me.

In short the Matusik Long Reads are all about ‘data story telling’.

Matusik Long Reads are only available to Matusik Missive Supporters. 

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Matusik Long Reads issued so far this year (2018) include:

  • Next?  My take on what’s the next big thing for Australia’s Housing Market (mid-April)
  • Australian Capitals:  7 tables that you need to know about housing prices (late-May 2018)


Several other Matusik Long Reads are on the drawing board and they include:

  • Big Australia: Ponzi or not?
  • Housing Affordability:  The real drum
  • Who really lives in a high-rise apartment?
  • Housing Demographics:  Why the Who and What is much more important than the When and Where
  • Housing Performance:  What really drives dwelling values?

I plan to write six or so Matusik Long Reads each year.  They are emailed directly, as a PDF, to Matusik Missive Supporters.