Long Reads

Welcome to the Matusik Long Reads.

These are my thoughts on a variety of pertinent housing-related topics.

Most Matusik Long Reads will take you about half an hour to digest and all are supported by relevant charts, tables and other graphics.

But I try to ‘escape the data’.  What I mean by this is tell a story, in a simple way and explain to you with connection.  Einstein apparently said “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”.  That resonates with me.

In short the Matusik Long Reads are all about ‘data story telling’.

Matusik Long Reads cost $27.50 each but are free (as my thanks) to Matusik Missive Supporters. 

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Several Matusik Long Reads are on the drawing board and they include:

  • Housing Demographics:  Who lives where, in what and why?
  • Housing Performance:  What really drives dwelling values?
  • Next?  My take on what’s next for Australia’s Housing Market
  • Master Class:  My guide to better Housing Market Intel
  • The Missing Middle: The housing that many really want
  • Inner City Apartments:  Fashion, Fad or On Trend?
  • Gold Coast: Where to next post the Commonwealth Games?

I plan to write four Matusik Long Reads each year.