Dec 19, 2017
Michael Matusik

Digital disruption is the business and social topic of the year, if not the past decade.  It has upended thousands of businesses and careers and its impact will continue.

Its impact on my own business has been profound.  I am proudly a “stay-up”, not a “start-up” – and let me tell you it is hard, given the onslaught of disruptions, to stay vertical.

So it should come as no surprise that I have been reading up on these disruptors, of late.

Wake Up

And the best read for 2017 about this stuff was Wake Up – The nine h#shtags of digital disruption by Brisbane local, David Fagan. 

Wake Up unpacks the issues of disruption and describes the technology and business models that are changing our behaviour.

David – whom I know and once worked for (some may remember my Courier Mail real estate column, The Insider) – has some real life experience of this topic.  He is now based at QUT, where he runs programs preparing their users for disruption.  In this book, he uses the hashtag (now common is social media) to categorise nine big trends firmly in place and likely to persist.

It takes an optimistic view and covers the big issue (well, for me) – what will this mean for jobs.

I have read this book twice; have already suggested to several that it is well worth a read (or two) and I think it will make a great Christmas present.  Go here to download or order your hard copy. Via, of course!

PS I am not clipping the ticket, but David has promised me a half decent lunch early next year.  3D printed food, anyone?

Shut happens

And on that note, it is goodbye from me for this year.  I will be talking a longer break than usual this year, as I, too, unpack my business, with a hard review about what works and doesn’t in this age of digital disruption.

I also have my own h#shtags, so to speak, my mantra that must be obeyed.  And any rethinking must go through these five gates:

  • You are the one in the way – I am talking about me here, not you
  • Go to the ‘top’ – stay niched and exclusive
  • Not hits, it’s about getting hit and moving forward
  • Maximise ‘most’ – do what earns you the most money
  • Minimise ‘burn rate’ – cut costs/time spent on stuff not needed

Regardless of the outcome, two things will stay – the Matusik Missive and working as a Consultant.  Both are core business elements.

As a consultant, we helped 39 clients either ‘better understand the market’ or achieve a ‘better market match’ during 2017.  Many were new clients.  Thank you.  Some 25 others made in-depth enquiries about our services, but didn’t proceed.  Maybe next year?

We will be bringing back Master Class next year.  Just six events are planned for 2018 and the first two will be in February and March next year.  Go here to book.

In the past, some poor lost souls bought Master Class tickets as Christmas presents.  Note the plural!  I hope this madness continues this Christmas, too!

The Matusik Missive will return on Tuesday 30th January next year.

Have a great Christmas.  Spend some time with someone, or doing something, that matters.  Stop and think about – no, better still, help – someone less fortunate than yourself.

So yes, buy David’s book, one of our online reports or book into a master class.

PPS I am expecting a damn good lunch, David!

Until next time,


Michael Matusik


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