Mar 27, 2018
Michael Matusik

Here are six great books that I have read since Christmas.  I think they are must reads.  All challenged my mindset, yes, even the one about trees.

For you Missive newbies I like to do this every now and then, usually around the time the Easter bunny makes an appearance and when Santa come by.  Sometimes I share some music or talking books too.

Some quick comments about the books:

  • Silent Invasion is very well research, easy to digest but it is a very disturbing read.  I have read it twice.
  • The Great Degeneration is a couple of years old now, but it is a gem.  It’s about the decline that is all around us – slowing growth, crushing debts, aging populations and anti-social behaviour.
  • Utopia For Realists is about much more than just universal income.  The information in this book is eye-opening.  Get ready to mark up your kindle copy big-time or if you are more old school then you will need more than one highlighter.
  • Wake up is by Brisbane local David Fagan.  A fantastic laymen’s guide to social media and its impact. You might even know what your kids are talking about after you have read this book.  Well maybe.
  • Fifty Things isn’t as boring as it sounds, in fact it was a great read – well a great listen to be honest, as the boss and I listened to it in the car as we drove around NZ during Christmas.
  • The Hidden Life of Trees satisfied on many levels – the content, yes, but also the witty conversational style.  To quote the Weekend Oz review of the book “chattily engaging … its quips and contagious puns invite the reader into the minutiae of trees’ lives”.

The next Missive will be posted on Tuesday 10th April.

Until then have a safe Easter.

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Michael Matusik

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