Oct 17, 2017
Michael Matusik

We have assisted several property players in recent months with their project feasibilities. Our approach is always the ‘martini glass’.

We start with the relevant bigger picture (the rim of the glass) and quickly funnel down to the core stuff (the glasses stem) and then provide implementable recommendations (solid glass base) at the end.

Anyway, an important part of the macro picture is potential new housing supply.  And it always amazes me that many in the industry don’t know where englobo land is available, across south east Queensland.

So tonight, we have supplied a simple summary of the broadhectare land supply across SEQ.  The table is at March 2017 and shows the stock of residential greenfield and brownfield land (for sites greater than 2,500 m²) that is currently suitable for residential development.

SEQ broadhectare land supply

Local authority

or area


in hectares

Expected dwelling yield Distribution by yield
Brisbane (C) 1,630 48,320 12%
Gold Coast (C) 3,320 44,060 11%
Ipswich (C) 7,130 100,080 24%
Lockyer Valley (R) 2,740 16,110 4%
Logan (C) 9,760 102,520 24%
Moreton Bay (R) 2,960 20,570 5%
Noosa (S) 110 750 0%
Redland (C) 420 7,370 2%
Scenic Rim (R) 1,780 8,350 2%
Somerset (R) 1,100 6,950 2%
Sunshine Coast (R) 2,650 39,200 10%
Toowoomba (S.Dist) 2,770 16,720 4%
SEQld 36,370 411,000 100%

Queensland Government Statistician’s Office

If you would like us to assist you with your residential development assumptions, or get an independent and very experienced team to have a look at what you are doing, then why not contact us.

Fees and charges do apply.  Quotes are provided.  Strict protocols do need to be followed, due to PI Insurance and, well, we are sticklers for that stuff.  It’s best for everyone in the end.  After all, ours is advice you can bank on!

Keen to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,


Michael Matusik


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