Given yesterday’s post, quite a few of you wanted to know what was happening in the other states.

So, here goes:

Annual change in total construction costs:

New South Wales 4.80%
Victoria 1.20%
Queensland 5.00%
South Australia 0.90%
Western Australia -0.60%
Tasmania 3.10%
Northern Territory 0.50%
ACT 2.10%
Australia 2.80%

Annual change in detached housing construction costs:

New South Wales 3.90%
Victoria 4.70%
Queensland 4.80%
South Australia 0.50%
Western Australia -0.80%
Tasmania 0.90%
Northern Territory 0.20%
ACT 1.50%
Australia 1.50%

Annual change in apartment construction costs:

New South Wales 4.80%
Victoria -0.70%
Queensland 5.30%
South Australia 1.30%
Western Australia -0.10%
Tasmania 6.40%
Northern Territory 0.00%
ACT 2.40%
Australia 2.60%

Hmmm, some interesting results here – especially Victorian and Tasmanian apartment building costs.

Keen to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,


Michael Matusik


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