Apr 04, 2017
Michael Matusik

Here are some key population statistics:

  • Our capital cities now attract 82% of Australia’s population growth. This was under 75% ten years ago.

  • The forecast is for this capital city centric growth trend to accelerate over the next decade.
  • Sydney and Melbourne are seeing much more growth. Hobart is steady and the rest have lost momentum. See our table below.
  • Two thirds of us now live in a capital city.
  • Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia have the highest capital city population concentrations.

Our new Capital Cities Outlook Report provides population forecasts for each capital city.

Our ‘understanding the data’ section of that report states:

The rate of population increase also has a big impact on housing markets.  We always use the actual numbers, and not percentage changes, when it comes to population trends. 

A rising level of population growth means – mostly – that more homes will need to be built.  A lot depends on the base housing demographics of each location, such as the number of people per household; age profile and regional dwelling preference.   

We have a proven housing model which we use to determine underlying demand for new dwellings.  We have used such to define the need to build new dwellings in the locales covered in this report.

Go here to get you copy of our report.  We have 100 copies for sale at $150.  Our in-depth, 56 page report will tell you what’s going on and what’s likely next for each of our eight capital cities.  Our report provides a price and rent forecast for both detached houses and attached dwellings for the next twelve months (year ending 30th March 2018).

Keen to hear your thoughts.

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Michael Matusik


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