Jun 28, 2017
Michael Matusik

Queensland’s interstate migration figures have improved and they now account for 21% of the state’s annual 70,000 population increase during calendar 2016.

Queensland’s overall rate of population growth is also rising.


Yet, rising population growth isn’t always a good thing, especially when most of the current moves are to already overcrowded, and often poorly serviced, urban areas.

Many are now moving to Queensland because of its cheaper housing price point (when compared to Sydney and to some degree, Melbourne), but it is like importing holes in a bucket.

When I am asked about why someone would move to Queensland, I often quip, “poverty is easier in a warmer climate.”

There is always an element of truth in a wisecrack.

Also, the state desperately needs a practical population/housing/employment plan.  We should be directing migration to where we want it to go.  And this plan is needed now.   What we have could be a whole lot better.

Victoria seems to be getting this right.  Accidental Anastasia isn’t.

Overall, and taking a longer term view, Australia (and Queensland) does need more bums on seats.  We need a younger demographic to buy stuff; pay taxes and support us oldies.

One of Australia’s saving graces is that it has enjoyed a high rate of population growth over recent decades.  This will hold us in good stead – well, better off than many other countries – in coming decades.

It is just that too much of the current population growth is now concentrating in a select few areas.  This is like a pressure cooker.  We can do something about it.

Keen to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,


Michael Matusik


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