It is very easy for me to get in the way. As George Costanza (Seinfeld) once quipped, “my presence can only hurt my chances” rings true for me too. So tonight and tomorrow, it’s just stats without opinion.

I won’t be able to keep this up, so enjoy the silence, it never lasts long!

SEQld median housing prices

Local authority areas


Detached houses New houses Vacant land


Attached dwellings
Brisbane (C) $650,000 $715,000 $405,000 $557,500
Gold Coast (C) $625,200 $494,000 $260,000 $510,000
Ipswich (C) $340,000 $380,500 $192,000 $335,000
Lockyer Valley (R) $325,000 $352,000 $135,000 $321,500
Logan (C) $405,000 $400,000 $211,000 $382,000
Moreton Bay (R) $443,000 $475,000 $255,000 $420,000
Noosa (S) $630,000 $545,000 $268,500 $580,000
Redland (C) $518,000 $543,000 $259,000 $499,000
Scenic Rim (R) $435,000 $399,000 $195,000 $429,000
Somerset (R) $315,000 $190,000 * $140,000 $310,000
Sunshine Coast (R) $555,000 $505,000 $266,500 $506,000
Toowoomba (R) $365,000 $385,000 $179,500 $350,000

Source: Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Office of the Valuer-General, Property Sales.  Note: Year ending June 2017 and based on date of contract and not the settlement date.  * Note:  While the official figures state $190,000, this figure is obviously higher; and we suggest it is in the low to mid $300,000 price range.

Three new reports

Just released are another three Price and Rent Reports covering:

  • Brisbane’s western suburbs (including Ipswich)
  • Brisbane’s eastern suburbs (including Redland)
  • Brisbane’s southern suburbs

So, if you want to know what’s going on in your neck of the woods or in your area/s of interest, visit our website to buy a report.

They are just $27.50 each or we will do a deal if you want all nine reports.

Last week we released:

  • Gold Coast
  • Logan City
  • Inner Brisbane

And next week we will finalise our set with:

  • Brisbane’s northern suburbs (including the old Pine Rivers Shire)
  • Moreton Bay
  • Sunshine Coast (including Noosa)

Go here get your copy.

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