Oct 05, 2017
Michael Matusik

One day fit- One day fat / One day flush – One day flat / Reality distorted like a sat on hat / One day I feel like I am in control / Next I’m stranded in a bottomless hole / A drunk trying to shimmy up a greasy pole

Second verse, States I’m In, Bruce Cockburn, Bone on Bone (just released) and mega-brill!

Also on hi-rotation is Dave Alvin’s Eleven Eleven (obviously 11 tracks on his 11th album); Minesweeping by O’Connell and Love; Ghost Love by Robert Love and Out of All This Blue a new double album by an old fav, The Waterboys.  Mike Scott is on fire here and it’s little wonder that His Bobness has said that one of his favourite groups is The Waterboys.

And given the sad news earlier this week, Tom Petty has been on high rotation, too.  My favourite TP album is Let Me Up.  It was apparently written whilst on the road with Bob Dylan on their Alone/Together tour.  I remember seeing them at Lang Park in the mid-80s.  Oh those were the days!


What we do for a living – what pays most of the bills – isn’t property commentary/presentations or online report sales – but is consultancy work.  And in this space we provide market/project advice.

When doing this work we cover:

  • market depth and direction
  • underlying demand by buyer and product type
  • likely prices/rents
  • market share/sales rates
  • possible price escalation
  • buyer profile/origins
  • target market product wants
  • current and future competition
  • best time to launch/sell

Our work helps ‘derisk’ a project or housing product.

What we do is also a great litmus test.  The last six months it has been flat chat; the six months before that it was getting busier, and a year before that, well, we had consultancy work but just enough of it.  In 2014 and 2015, it was very quiet in the office.  Why?  Because the residential market was much stronger.  We get work when things get tough.  We expect an increasing work load in coming years.

Of course, fees apply and we work from small projects to very large ones.

So, if you want an independent and hard look at what’s really going on and what you plan to develop, then contact us.  If you have a project that isn’t doing too well of late, we can probably help there, too.

Keen to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,


Michael Matusik


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