Mar 14, 2017
Michael Matusik
  1. Over 5,000 house sales are expected during 2017 – twice the volume five years ago.
  1. The number of properties listed for sale continues to decline.

  1. Property values are rising and this is expected to accelerate during 2017.
  1. The rental vacancy rate is tight and is even lower than last year.
  1. Weekly rents are rising and are expected to hasten further during 2017.
  1. Ipswich’s population and job growth is expected to double over the next decade.
  1. The region has a much younger demographic than most of South East Queensland.

8.  Detached houses will be in strong demand – on a variety of allotment sizes and, in particular, product catering for multiple residents.

9.  Brisbane’s west – including Ipswich – is undersupplied with new housing.

10. Whilst the Ipswich housing market is improving, the strength of the current recovery/upturn is somewhat mild when compared to past cycles.

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Michael Matusik


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