1. Sales volumes are now falling.
  1. Both house and attached dwellings values are rising. The median house sale value is $1,134,000 and the median attached dwelling sale value is $720,000.

  1. House values rose 12% over the last 12 months. Attached values rose by 8.6%. (Based on a data source we can trust).
  1. The number of houses listed for sale is falling; rising a bit for attached stock.
  1. Resale dwelling supply remains very tight, with under a three month supply on the market.
  1. As does the rental vacancy rate, which is still under 2%.
  1. Weekly rents continue to grow. The median weekly house rent is $720 and $530 per week for attached dwellings.
  1. Rents lifted by 4.3% for houses and 1.9% for attached stock over last year.
  1. Gross rental yields are low and falling, being 3.2% and 3.7% respectively.
  1. Housing to buy is increasingly expensive, with an 8.6 dwelling price to household income ratio. Tenants are paying 28% of their income in rent.

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