THE 4s

Jun 15, 2017
Michael Matusik

I like to use three boxes to explain most things residential.

They are known as The 4s.

  • 4W
  • 4Q
  • 4P

  • 4W – we covered here and it’s the What, Who, When and Where
  • 4Q – is the Matusik Property Clock – Four quadrants – Recovery, Upturn, Downturn and Stagnation – go here to review
  • 4P – covers the more important stuff for mine – the People involved, the actual Position of the property, the Product itself and the Price paid

We can write 4P in a more longhand way.  We shared that last week.  Revisit here.

A key thing – and something that is really missing for the property space – is an independent review of builders and developers.

The industry award systems are really just, well, hand jobs.

Is anyone game enough to provide such a service?

The new housing market needs the equivalent of TripAdvisor or Choice, if you ask me.

PS And without wishing to dilute this message, it is the end of the week, well bloody close, and timely to tell you what has been on high rotation this week.

  • John Moreland’s Big Bad Luv. He grew up listening to his father play Neil Young and CCR, so his roots are good.
  • Roger Waters’ Is This The Life We Really Want? The old dart is on song once again.  Also listened to an old favourite, Waters’ The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking.  Do you remember Shane?  It’s all about Yoko Ono you know.
  • Dalton Domino’s Corners. Dark, ominous and low.  What Neil Young used to be and most alt-country artists wannabe.

More tunes next Thursday.

Keen to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,


Michael Matusik


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