May 17, 2017
Michael Matusik

Out now!  Matusik Population Growth and Forecast Report.  Our third report in our seven part series planned for 2017. 

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Remember, our report covers both population growth and forecasts across:

  • Eight capital cities.
  • 93 major urban areas across Australia.
  • 215 local government areas within our capital cities and/or major urban areas, and some,
  • 2,267 individual suburbs or urban regions.

Below is an extract, showing the top five pop growth suburbs by state or territory.

How does your suburb or place of interest rate?

In short, and in this regard, most of our population growth continues to take place in or within close proximity to capital cities.  Within our capitals, most of the population growth remains in the outer suburbs.

Keen to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,


Michael Matusik


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