Jun 14, 2017
Michael Matusik

Here’s what some 600 Australian property investors think. Most important things when buying new property?
Folks were asked to number their top five things.

Location of the property – 95%
Price range – 90%
Expected rental range – 75%
Body corporate cost – 60%
Product design – 45%
Dwelling size – 30%
No. of dwellings in complex – 25%

I think that more attention should be paid to what people are buying and not just where it is or its price tag (in isolation).

How best to receive a ‘buying’ incentive?
Asked to number their top three things.

Discount to sale price – 45%
Payment of stamp duty – 35%
Rental guarantee – 25%
Payment body corporate fees – 10%
Furniture contribution – 5%
Gift voucher – 1%

No real surprises here.

Want us to ask your customers what they think? Or better still, ask those who made all the right noises but didn’t commit? Then, give us a bell.

Keen to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,


Michael Matusik


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