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Unlike many property-related online portals, our website doesn’t hold any annoying advertising, we don’t try and sell you anything nor have we put up a paywall – I want to keep my communiques as open and honest as I can.

The Matusik Missive is fiercely independent and they take a fair bit of time, money and hard yakka to produce.

I want to continue delivering the Missive to you.

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Each year Matusik Missives cover a range of topics including:

  • Population growth and projections
  • Employment trends
  • Housing demographics
  • Locational focus i.e. Gold Coast Outlook; Brisbane inner city apartments; Ipswich economic drivers etc.
  • Housing wants by key buyer segment i.e. first home buyers, empty nesters, upgraders etc.
  • Market positions/Property cycles
  • Housing demand v supply
  • Housing design trends
  • Project updates i.e. Brisbane townhouses; Gold Coast apartments; Brisbane region major land estates etc.
  • Rental market trends
  • Housing market performance
  • Buying trends i.e. buyer profiles and origins

For 2018 several Matusik Long Reads are planned.  These include:

  • Next?  My take on what’s the next big thing for Australia’s Housing Market
  • Australian Capitals:  7 tables that you need to know about housing prices
  • Big Australia: Ponzi or not?
  • Housing Affordability:  The real drum
  • Who really lives in a high-rise apartment?
  • Housing Demographics:  Why the Who and What is much more important than the When and Where
  • Housing Performance:  What really drives dwelling values?

Matusik Long Reads are only available – as my thanks – to Matusik Missive Supporters.

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