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Now here’s the drum….Matusik Property Pick only showcases new residential properties that we believe fit within Australia’s future housing outlook and score well across a range of analytical criteria.

This isn’t something that we do lightly.  Our endorsement and Property Pick Stamp are not simply for sale.  Our support is very limited.

For some, that we supply such a service is seen as a conflict of interest.  “How can you be independent and support a property or project?” they ask.  Well, easily – it’s called integrity – a somewhat rare thing in the property space.

If you are unable to reconcile that we have the integrity to be both honest and still supply select Property Pick support, then we can live with that.  We suggest you ignore our Property Pick alerts, or better still, simply unsubscribe.

See, we believe that the Australian residential property market faces unprecedented change.

Two-thirds of Australian investment properties make an annual loss and one in four resold for less than their original sale price over the last decade.

We have a 90%+ track record of forecasting the Australian property market.

And we are proud to advise that Matusik Property Pick projects have consistently outperformed the local industry average.

For example, a recent statistical review of 25 Brisbane medium density projects found an average gain of 5% per annum on resale over the last ten years.  The average money earned between resales was $110,000.  We advised on 12 of these 25 projects; and the average gain in those 12 projects was 6.4% per annum, returning buyers, on average, $182,000 between sales.

We must stress that no forecasts are being made about potential capital gains or rental returns.  Past information about capital gains or rental growth does not imply such gains or growth will be made in the future.

Whilst we are proud of our track record, we do not know if a current Matusik Property Pick will make you money or get you a higher rent.  We think they should, but to promise you such is something we are not prepared to do.

Matusik Property Insights are not investment advisors.  We provide market analysis and project advice.  All readers should seek independent and qualified investment advice before purchasing a property.

In addition, although it would be enjoyable to invest alongside you, it’s more important to us to avoid conflicts of interest.  Therefore, we don’t own property in any of the projects currently recommended by Matusik Property Pick.

Finally, as consultants, Matusik Property Insights are paid on a fee per service basis.  For projects that earn our Property Pick endorsement, remuneration may be in the form of a flat fee or a referral fee based upon sales success.

Contact us for more information and to find out how your project could become a Matusik Property Pick.

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