Australian Pulse Points Report

Report date: 27th July 2017

Report validity: Financial 2018

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Our working environment is changing.  Industries associated with building things are being replaced by services as the major driver behind our economy.  This is being fuelled by not only population growth, but by the growing international demand for Australian services.

Some one million new jobs are expected to be created over the next five years across Australia.  Yet, there is likely to be little wage growth.  Some areas will do better than others in terms of jobs and in particular, wage growth.


Knowing where these areas are should help enhance an investment property’s future performance.

Of the 87 labour force regions across the country, our work, as outlined in this report, has suggested that there are just 15 regions which are forecast to see both strong job growth and an above average lift in the proportion of higher paying employees.

The interplay between job creation and the higher wages is what we call a pulse point.

To find out where these 15 pulse points are and also what is happening in the other 72 labour force regions, get a copy of our Australian Pulse Points report for Financial 2018.

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