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Hi, I’m Michael Matusik, author of the Matusik Missive.

The Missive has two aims – to separate spruik from reality and to simplify complexity.

A few times each week I share my thoughts on the Australian housing market.  Not just things real estate, but urban and social trends, too.

I have been a property analyst most of my working life.  I started out as a town planner, so a few of my early working years were somewhat different to today.

I have no agenda.  I pride myself in my independence.  No filter applies.  I won’t sell you anything – just facts, some insights and hopefully a bit of foresight too.  No BS!

So if you think outside the box; want to hear from an older head and prefer housing commentary you can trust, then maybe the Matusik Missive is for you.

Heck, some even say they are an entertaining read.

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