Alone + Together

I am old enough to remember, fondly, seeing Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Lang Park in 1986 on their Alone + Together tour.

Bob was dressed in black leather; Tom was smoking the biggest joint I had even seen.  Many in the crowd were smoking wacky tobaccy that day too.*  The cops were are sixes and sevens.

Fast forward to late 2019, Tom has left us, it amazes me that Bob is still around and many of us live either alone or together.

Capital cities: Proportion of lone person + multigeneration households

Capital city Lone person 
Multigeneration households
Sydney 22% 19%
Melbourne 22% 16%
Brisbane 22% 16%
Adelaide 27% 11%
Perth 21% 13%
Hobart 32% 11%
Darwin 10% 16%
Canberra 24% 12%
Capital cities 22% 16%
Matusik + 41300.  Financial 2018.

One in six households live in multigenerational configurations, whilst one in five of you – lucky buggers! – live alone.

I have done considerable work investigating both household segments.

The size of both camps is predicted to increase, and for multi-gen households considerably, over the next decade.

Also, both household types complain that their current abodes don’t cater well for their living arrangements. Multigeneration families want more separation between adult children, parents and/or grandparents.  Loners often don’t want a big place.  They want something good, flexible and cost efficient.

I have been writing about such themes for some time and whilst words are fine, action is better.

So, I have started  

* And for the record I never inhaled!

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