Surfing with a putter

One of the better things I have read this year was a short piece by Seth Godin titled Golf or Surfing.

In short, golf is a game of rules, regulations and pin placements whilst no wave is the same.  Our world is increasing like surfing.  The world of golf is on the wane.

And with this in mind, I segue to recent happenings in Queensland – Brisbane townhouse restrictions, new development carparking allocations and the state-wide proposed residential tenancy changes.

Of course, there is the usual pistol duel at 50 paces on each issue – with the housing industry advocates calling it Armageddon whilst the relevant government authority replying that it is the “will of the electorate”.

I don’t think any of us really know the future impact of such changes, except to say that, if implemented, there will be changes.  Some good, others bad and on both sides of the fence.

But in an increasing wayfinding world, we need more flexibility not rigidity.

We seem to be stuck in the wrong mindset.

It gets a lot easier if you bring the appropriate attitude.

There is little need to set the pin placements in the most difficult position on the green.  They definitely don’t need to be set in concrete.

It’s hard to surf with a putter.

And my second segue this post is to 

Such housing solutions provide households and investors with control and flexibility.

They are a surfboard. 

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