Outlook 2020 – Part 2

Following on from part 1 yesterday…and extracts from my new SEQld Quarterly Report.

Moreton Bay

The Moreton Bay area has seen substantial increases, in terms of new development, sales and population over recent years. A steady supply of new housing has kept a lid on price appreciation. That supply – over the short to medium term – is now running out. However, price growth is likely to remain subdued, due to affordability limits. More townhouse and apartment development are expected. New Infrastructure to help alleviate the increasing congestion on the Bruce Highway is needed.


Strong price and rental growth in recent years. But the Noosa market is quite cyclical and heavily influenced by outside factors, including interstate migration, business confidence, investment returns and the overall economy. As such the Noosa market often acts as a bellwether, signally a coming change in the Australian economy. The Noosa market appears to have peaked, suggesting that harder economic times lie ahead. 


Limited new housing supply. Expect more townhouse and other infill type development. In parts, the area holds an aging demographic and many of these residents will age in place. The future – again similar to Brisbane and the Gold Coast – is fewer sales, higher prices and rents, limited affordability. 

Sunshine Coast

Small allotments, in more urban settings, plus more apartment and townhouse supply are growing trends and make sense given affordability constraints plus aging demographics. Like the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast is less cyclical than in its past, yet this market remains exposed to changing market conditions. Investors need to understand the potential risks.   


The new housing market was oversupplied a few years back but is now tight.  Residential sales volumes have been declining rapidly, so too were prices and rents, but things are now looking better.   The rental market is often a good property bellwether, improving rents suggests that the Toowoomba market is on the improve. Whilst some local jobs have been recently lost (due to the completion of major transport infrastructure) Toowoomba’s housing market looks set to gain strength in coming years.  

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