Apartment + Townhouse Property Clock – Nov 2021

Last week’s property clock post, sparked quite a few questions.  

Three of them I thought were worth answering.


Many asked if I had an apartment + townhouse property clock.  Yes I do and see below.


A few peeps also wanted to know how I assess where each location is positioned on the property clock.

On my socials I usually reply “darts” with a hyperlink back to my website and an invite to search away.

But to my tribe the answer is the “forward direction in the balance between supply and demand” and I do undertake a review of such fundamentals when updating my property clocks.

See table 1 below for the current state of play for apartments/townhouses across the Australian capitals.

I have updated last week’s post with a similar table for detached houses.  Revisit that Missive here.

PS. Regarding the * in table 1, I believe that once lockdowns cease in Sydney and Melbourne sales volumes will lift and most likely substantially for all housing types.


A few smart cookies also wanted to know when was the last time that most of the major detached housing markets across the country were similarly congested around the upswing and recovery phases on the property clock.

In short, for mine, that was between 1987 and 1989.

And whilst the economic conditions and policy responses were quite different in the late 1980s when compared to now; it is worth noting that there was very little price growth for a long period of time once the overheated housing market peaked in 1989.

It took almost a decade for half decent annual price growth to return.

See table 2 below.

As I noted a few weeks back – revisit here – next year looks much quieter on the Australian housing market front and I think calendar 2022 will be the start of long slowdown in price and rental growth, similar to what happened during much of the 1990s.

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