Goodbye 2021

I don’t know about you, but I am stuffed.

So much so that last week was the first one in over a decade that I didn’t do a weekly post.

Heaps of consultancy work, with hard timelines didn’t stop the Missive or Snapshot (for those with a long memory) in the past.

However, the last two years have taken their toll, despite the positives at my end far outweighing the negatives.

It seems that many things are in a snowballing flux, with more rules and regulations these days than you can poke a stick at.

And for the life of me I cannot see 2022 being much different to 2021.  We are putting a lot of pressure on 2022 – just like we did to 2021 late last year – if you ask me.

So goodbye 2021 and fingers crossed that I am wrong about next year.

I wish you a Happy Christmas, a fun filled New Year’s Eve and a relaxing break.

I leave you this year with some new music that I really enjoyed this year, some fiction worth reading (I do like crime novels) and some funnies.

We reopen in late January.  See you then.

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