House price outlook #4

Well, hello and happy new year!

I have covered this topic several times last year.

Our analysis is proving to be a reliable indicator of short-term house price growth.

We know that Australian house prices rose 25% during calendar 2021 and the just released official lending statistics suggest that house prices could now rise by 13% for the year ending March quarter 2022 and median house values appear set to rise by just 5.5% for fiscal 2022.

So, house price growth is expected to continue over the next six months with the pace of escalation slowing down noticeably as we approach winter.

Two charts are below and for those that aren’t into graphs – yes there are such people! – here is a simple summary:

Recent annual Australian house price growth:

December 2020        2.5%

March 2021               10%

June 2021                  19%

September 2021       22%

December 2021        25%

Matusik forecast annual Australian house price growth:

March 2022               13%

June 2022                  5.5%

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