Rent: The Musical

This week is a follow up from my post last week.

And yes, counting what’s available to rent is a bit like musical chairs.

I have included two tables this week that shows that there is a difference in the available rental listings count.

SQM Research’s measure is based on all monitored and unique online rental listings for the period of a calendar month.  They are taken from online monitoring of major listings sites, such as and Domain.

Only those properties with unique addresses or a unique listing id are used.  Those advertisements with no addresses are excluded from the series.  Any addresses repeated between sites are de-duped.

Importantly only those listings that have been advertised for three weeks or more are used.

Price Finder, which is powered by Domain, is my preferred housing market data portal these days and in the tables I have only included listings since January 2022, removed any repeated records and excluded those entries which have been leased. and Domain results are based on what is currently available for rent, excluding any repeated listings.

None of these measures are necessarily better than the other.

My post last week used SQM Research’s vacancy rates – their count is often a bit short when compared to the other three data sources, as their measure rules are tighter – but their database has been up and running since 2005 and when it comes to vacancy rates – like a lot of things in real estate – I am after the trend rather than an individual result.

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