Easter 22: Stuff worth reading + listening

It is that time of the year again to share with you some books and albums I have enjoyed over recent months.

Einstein was a very smart man, as time is relative indeed.

It speeds up the older you get!

For mine it was just Christmas a few minutes ago.

With that message in mind, please spend some time this Easter with those that matter.

I find that turning off all your devices helps.  It is only for a few days.  It makes a big difference.  And on this theme, maybe read Johnann Hari’s Stolen Focus over the Easter break.


And to those that are interested in my regular music playlists see below my March 2022 playlist.  50 songs that I have liked listening to last month.  Some are new, many old.  No rhyme or reason for their inclusion, playlist order or genre.  And the cartoon is by the very talented Avi Steinberg. Enjoy!

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