Top 50 urban areas

A stocking filler this week, flat chat of late with project advice consultancy work.

The table below shows the list of the top 50 urban areas across Australia.  It contains last year’s (fiscal 2021) population growth versus the previous five-year annual rate of change.

These top 50 urban areas, whilst comprising just under 5% of the countries land mass, holds 83% of Australia’s 25.8 million residents.


Recent project advice work

I undertake all this work myself these days – so you get me (sadly) and my work in this space is based on – a clear brief, site inspection, SWOT, relevant local property market and demographic demand/outlooks, plus an in-depth analysis of existing and future supply.  A draft report is supplied; followed by a debriefing (in person or digitally) and then final documentation.

My aim with this work is to maximise each site’s potential return whilst reducing risk.  Risk can involve sales, renting, future capital appreciation and timing of release/development.

For most commissions I recommend:

  • Development type/s
  • Product descriptions/dimensions/mix
  • Target market origins/type/characteristics and wants
  • Market depth and outlook
  • Competitive set, now and into the future
  • Potential pricing/rents and future potential escalations/declines
  • Best timing for release/development
  • Key marketing points
  • Marketing overview/ base strategy

 The investment to undertake such work typically ranges between $7,500 to $12,500 per site.  Excludes GST and, sometimes, direct costs.

Time budget is usually four (4) weeks from commission to completion.

Recent work includes:

  • Yeppoon subdivision
  • Coomera infill housing development
  • Toowoomba apartment complex
  • Melbourne mixed use housing estate
  • Gatton subdivision site sale
  • Richlands infill housing development
  • BTR various: Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and on the Gold Coast

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