Wasting my time?

Flat chat of late with consultancy work, so a bit of a filler this week.

A blue note on my office cork board – yes, I am old school – is good, as it means money, with each tag being a consultancy job.

But I digress.

I have been holding onto the next chart for some years and it seems to be amazingly accurate.

It was apparently made by some yokel by the name of Samuel Banner, who was a farmer from the 1800s and he wanted to understand how market cycles worked.

In 1875, he published a book forecasting business and commodity prices.  He identified years of panic, years of good times, and years of hard times.

The top row shows that SB somehow predicted the Great Depression, WW2, the dot com bubble and even the Covid crash.

When I reviewed the middle row – years of good times – against the Australian housing market, it is also very accurate with 1980 (so far) being the only miss, but not by much.

One wonders if I am wasting my time!

Looking forward, 2023 is apparently a good time to buy.  See the bottom row.

And despite the Queensland government’s efforts to the contrary, 2032 – i.e., the Brisbane Olympics – is projected to be shite, money wise.

And Samuel thinks that 2026 will see higher prices.

I do think that SB might be correct on that call.

But, unlike Samuel’s “sure thing” signoff, I reserve the right to be wrong.

And of course, the usual T and C’s apply.

PS And for the more fastidiousness Missive readers – and yes there a few of you out there – the red notes on my cork board are quotes (and if you are one of those potential clients, well what’s keeping you from engagement, hmmm ?!) and the black markers are internal money-related things. Oh, and a red tick, means the work has been done but MPI hasn’t been paid yet.  That only happens for trusted repeat clients.  It all comes down to the brass!


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