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Few words this week, just two tables and a chart.

And according to ChatGPT (with some edits) … Australia’s population experienced a significant boom in 1971 – (with a 535,000 annual increase in our population (the highest, so far on record – see our chart) – for several key reasons.

Firstly, the introduction of the Migration Act in 1966 facilitated increased immigration, attracting a diverse range of skilled migrants and their families.

Additionally, the post-war baby boom generation reached adulthood during this period, resulting in a surge of births.

Plus improved healthcare and living conditions also contributed to higher life expectancy, leading to a natural increase in population.

Australia’s stable political climate and favourable employment opportunities further enticed individuals from around the world to migrate, ultimately driving the population boom in 1971.

And table 2 suggests that whilst Australia’s annual population growth rate for fiscal 2022/23 is expected to reach 524,500, it will still fall short of the 1971 result.

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