Low hanging fruit

Oh, what joy!

The new Draft Southeast Queensland Regional Plan has just been released and well it is riveting reading!

Big promises, based on false pretences.  Get ready SEQ to start living on top of each other.  Sardine cities here you come and at top prices.

Well, a simpler way to make more of what you have got is to encourage smaller residential allotments in new estates and as part of the infilling of the inner, and especially, middle-ring suburbs.

Our two tables this post shows that Queensland doesn’t do small lots, nor does the southeast corner of the state.

Small lots and infill works.  Go here for a real live Brisbane example.  So do backyard homes.

A key to making them work – other than of course allowing them to be developed – is changing the infrastructure charge.  The first change is to levy these charges at settlement or completion; and secondly to charge a percentage of purchase price or land value, not a flat fee.

I suggest 2.5%.

This will see more developers, and home owners, maximise what they already have and deliver more affordable housing to boot.



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