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Welcome back.

Well, that assumes that you have been on a break during the school holidays.

The Missive open rate suggests that many of you have been.

Whilst you were away you might have missed this post about changing housing types.

Quite a few folks that remained on the tools – including those sad sacks that read and replied to their emails whilst on hols – questioned the low proportion of apartment adoption over the past decade.

Many said that there must be a bigger acceptance of higher density housing in our major capitals and coastal regional cities.

So, in reply find two tables below outlining the statistics for the five major Australian capital cities and the five largest urban areas (excluding Brisbane) across Queensland.

Outside of Sydney, detached housing still is the most popular housing form – and by a long shot – across our major urban markets.

Sorry folks.

But please keep questioning.  I might get a bit peeved when you do – well to myself and within ear shot of long suffering Julia (the boss) – but I always think about what has been said and more often than not reply.

And to that end, next week’s post will be another follow up, this time about my recent land banking post.

You might have missed that one too?

PS.  The tables are based on occupied dwellings, not all dwellings.  This is on purpose as I want to show which dwelling types hold residents.  Whilst the 2021 census was somewhat unique (i.e., Covid) it does show that in certain locations, whilst no doubt more apartments were built over the past decade – such as in Perth, Adelaide, Townsville, Cairns and Toowoomba – many of these new apartments don’t hold permanent occupants.  The current focus on building more apartment to help solve new housing supply is a folly.



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