The Matusik Missive is a labour of love.

True they are ‘content’ marketing; they help me promote myself and my business, but they to take a lot of time and have a high opportunity cost.

They are the first thing I do each week.

Sometimes they take me several days to put together, other times they come together more quickly.

But everyone is written without bias and with little regard to whom I might annoy, or the potential consultancy work my business might lose.

I have been thinking, writing and presenting about the housing market decades.  I have built up a large body of stories and concepts pertaining to them.

So, it also takes time and effort to keep these databases (and my thinking) relevant and up to date.

To sum up any financial help you can provide – via a small donation – is much appreciated and keeps the Matusik Missives coming to you.

Thanks in advance.