Moreton Bay Ready Reckoner


A dashboard summary and accompanying data set for Moreton Bay Regional Council.

This is the data that I use when I am trying to understand a market or before we undertake consultancy work/project advice.

This material cuts through the generic property clutter.  There are no fancy infographics or miles of meaningless text.

Eight dashboard charts (with a bullet point summary) and eight excel tables are supplied. 

They cover a range of key data sets.  Most contain data over the last decade.  All hold the latest intel and, where needed, my estimates.

Investment is just $99.  

It will save you heaps of time, but better still, tell you what is really going on.



Moreton Bay Regional Council area

Eight key ‘dashboard indicators’ outlining what is really going on

Eight excel tables are also included – so that you can use the data as you see fit – they include:

  1. Population, annual growth and underlying housing demand
  2. Recent employment trends
  3. Housing approvals and registrations by product type
  4. Broad hectare land supply
  5. Housing cycle by product type
  6. Current price points by product type
  7. Land market trends
  8. Rental trends by product type

Released in early October 2018 but remains valid until March 2019

Next update is March/April 2019

Investment is just $99.  

This purchase may also be tax deductible.  Best check with your accountant.

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